Group Videography®

Client cases

How the Group Videography® approach to using video in internal communications has helped clients in the past: Showreels and impact achieved.


Increase in pro-active cross-divisional collaboration through videography-based team videos

  • 500+ team members across EMEA introduced and connected
  • Knowledge shared across the organisation, engaged with by every team member
  • Organisational culture traits strategically reinforced to retain and attract talent

Corning Inc.

Newly acquired division introduced to 50.000+ employees using contemporary video language

  • Role and context of new division poignantly conveyed
  • Meaningful emotional connection to new colleagues forged
  • Actual productive cross-divisional employee connections enabled on the spot thanks to the innovative use of in-video links


Employee engagement inspired through organization-wide contribution recognition

  • Team given a video platform to show off their contributions
  • Motivation and inspiration spread across the organization
  • Bonus: Best practices and insights shared with the organization


Achieve tangible, meaningful outcomes for your organisation by tapping into the full potential of what you can do with video in internal comms today.

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