Group Videography®

Video 2.0 for internal communications

From a single video to a full video campaign, plan and execute it all via Group Videography®.

Group Videography® was built to fill a gap

Thanks to recent tech evolutions much, much more can be achieved with the medium video in internal comms than even just four or five years ago. This is great news. But it also means that a communicator thinking about employing video needs to a) be aware of what all these current possibilities are and b) know how best to make use of these in their particular context — or else (sometimes significant) communication potential is lost.

With Group Videography® Sebastian Messerer now offers communicators specialized services to ensure all of video’s current capabilities as a tool for internal comms are working in their favour: So that communication impact is achieved that does the medium’s immense power today justice; and employing video is as easy, cost-effective and efficient as it can be today.

The fundamental services of what became Group Videography® in 2020 were first employed by Sebastian Messerer in 2017. Sebastian Messerer is based in Berlin, Germany and operates mainly in the EU.

About Sebastian Messerer

Sebastian Messerer has spent the last decade working in film, television and corporate video for such companies as the Discovery Channel, the BBC, Constantin, Adobe, Allianz and Corning Incorporated. He is driven by the pursuit of making the most of the medium video to spark meaningful change in people’s lives. By connecting people, sharing exciting, important ideas, and inspiring people to get the most out of (working) life. In his personal work, Sebastian makes films about art and artists. You can find these on