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Leverage the full potential of today’s video in your internal communications.

With Group Videography® Sebastian Messerer offers specialized video production and consulting services for internal communications – to help you use “video 2.0” strategically within your channel mix to meet goals and, ultimately, achieve the business impact you are looking for.

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The video workflow reimagined to make today’s video a powerful, easy to use and efficient tool in your internal communications toolkit.

How I work with clients

Step one: Video strategy consulting

Smartphone videos, interactive videos, videography, live-videos, hangouts, webinars, DIY video platforms, video inboxes, office screenings... So many opportunities exist for the impactful use of video in internal comms today that the choice can be overwhelming. This is why, in the Group Videography® services, I included a consulting element into the video provider-communicator workflow. So you a) don't miss out on any of these opportunities and, b) make use of your strategic choice of video in the most effective and efficient way available to you.

01 | Don't miss out on what video can do for you today.

As an expert in the medium, fluent in internal comms, I help you methodically find the best video use to achieve your goals within the constrictions of your solution requirements. This entails navigating the abundance of choice to determine not just what content to use, but also how to produce the videos, how to integrate them into your channel mix and how to distribute and present them for maximum communication impact. And, crucially, how to gauge their impact in meaningful terms.

02 | A perfect and effortless fit into your eco-system.

Let's make your video solution a team player. I help you fine-tune it to best complement your channel mix, seamlessly integrate into your communication infrastructure and suit your company setting and operations.

How I work with clients

Step two: Video production and campaign execution

When considering video, chances are you have been put off by any of the following: High, non-transparent production costs. Complex, time-consuming production processes. Unclear ROI estimations and, because of this, difficulties in getting executive buy-ins. With Group Videography®, I offer full video production services and campaign execution support to ensure these barriers to using the medium stay where they belong: In the past.

03 | Make your video production as easy, cost-effective and efficient as it can be today.

I am here to fill in any gaps to make your production process smooth, coordinated and lean. I offer a range of video production services that go from preparing easy to follow roadmaps and scripts for everyone involved to helping you choose and work with the perfect video production company to taking over the full technical production from A-Z.

04 | Distribute and present your videos for maximum communication impact.

There are plenty of ways to share videos today. I help you choose the presentation context most conducive to eliciting the reactions you are looking for in your target audience.

05 | Goodbye uncertainty: Clear, useful ROI estimations and impact measurement solutions.

Having a vested interest in providing tangible value to my clients, a cornerstone of my services is providing you with the video performance metrics you need: To make a sound purchase decision and get executive buy-in, to tweak your ongoing campaigns and, ultimately, to gauge the actual business outcome generated in meaningful terms.

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The only contact you need to make today’s video a powerful, easy to use and efficient tool in your internal communications toolkit.

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“The use of state-of-the-art video recording technology reduced the time investment and business disruption required for the shoot to an absolute minimum.”

Michael Müller, Managing Director Corning Laser Technologies

Achieve maximum impact with your video budget.

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“Sebastian is a master of his craft and how to use the medium video effectively […] Everyone who has seen the video is convinced it will achieve the desired business impact.”

Michael Müller, Managing Director Corning Laser Technologies

Outcome focused solutions.

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“Sebastian […] translated our verbally communicated goals into a perfect concept presentation which made it significantly easier to get the buy-in from our internal marketing division for the project at hand.”

Astrid Blum, Sales & Marketing, Corning Incorporated

ROI clearly defined. Impact measurement solutions provided.


“Sebastian has done a tremendous job, creating the concept, the ‘language’ and of course the wonderful videos […] His creativity, dedication, sensitivity and professionalism are outstanding. I would highly recommend him.”

Matthias Starke, Head of Adobe Consulting EMEA

Premium output: Cutting-edge video solutions.